DAO Projects

Each Project aims at driving values for OurGalaxyPioneer's NFTs

Your vision will be Accomplished, with OurGalaxyCommunity ✅

You have a Vision? An idea? In this community, it will be accomplished with the help of OurGalaxyPioneers.

In this vast universe, OurGalaxyPioneers are on a quest to explore and locate different galaxies. We seek liked-minds to join this journey of co-create a close-knitted community lasts till infinity and beyond.

Community governed. Financial support. Endless possibilities.

OurGalaxyDAO operates on full blockchain democracy. Community has the right to decide how to utilize OurGalaxyFund sustainably to support community members and expand OurGalaxy!

  • 80% of total sales revenue (~USD $21M) is locked in treasury
  • Holders have the exclusive right to propose and vote on the utilization of OurGalaxyFund
  • Everything is transparent and accessible to everyone on Etherscan
  • Each NFT represents an equally weighted vote on Snapshot