Most of the projects failed to follow their roadmaps, so I thought f**k it, why not let the community to decide?

A roadmap by community? A true Web 3.0 DAO project? Probably.

Each Project aims at driving values for OurGalaxyPioneer's NFTs.


This exploration could not be completed without the born of all Galaxians. That's why minters get Instant 25% Cash Royalties From Next Sales, executed by our Low Gas Smart Contract to save gas fees. Imagine you are the 1st Minter who minted the 1st NFT with 0.001 $ETH. You will instantly get 0.0005 $ETH (50% Rebated!) when the 2nd NFT is minted with 0.002 $ETH. Our Smart Contract only allows 1 mint per transaction. This allows rewards for Galaxian Pioneers with multiple mints get all the Royalties upon each mint. To understand that mechanism in details, visit the code here: uint amount = msg.value * 25 / 100; _mintLoop(msg.sender, _mintAmount); payable(previousOwnerAddress).transfer(amount);previousOwnerAddress = msg.sender;, deployed in Ethereum as ERC721.

Last Minter Reward

What is the incentive for the last Galaxian Pioneer?

An ~2x immediate ROI💥 of 7.4 $ETH would be given to the Last Minter.

Without the Last Galaxian Pioneer, OurGalaxy Phase 1 would not be seen by anyone. The Treasury would contribute 0.1% of the Total Sales Revenue to the Last Minter.

Still confused with the mathematics?? No worries, an interactive spreadsheet is prepared for you to understand our Tokenomics:)

Blockchain Democracy

There are only 3,844 Pioneer NFT. 1 NFT = 1 vote in Snapshot. Each Galaxian has the right to manage the Treasury and the future development of OurGalaxyDAO. Join OurGalaxy Discord to learn more.

Each Project aims at driving values for OurGalaxyPioneer's NFTs.

Founder's Rewards

The Founder COULD NOT purchase any NFT votes with the Treasury Funds. I chose to be funded back from the 20% Initial Sales Smart Contract to cover all the costs, e.g. Gas Fees, ENS Domain, Arweave Storage... This could further prevent the centralization of votes in my hand as well.

You could follow along my story since Day 1 of my unemployment to establishment of OurGalaxy from Twitter / Instagram .

Originally I thought of a Roadmap building a Puzzle Mint-to-Earn Game. Now I think a DAO sounds more interesting with higher upside potentials. Here below was the Roadmap planned earlier.

But then no matter how much effort I had spent on the Roadmap earlier.

I feel far more excited looking forward to seeing the democractic future of OurGalaxy now.